Petards by Nina Tome. Credit: TAM -TAM.
Petards by Nina Tome. Credit: TAM -TAM.

Petards? No thanks

The holidays are a time when we light candles, sparklers, and sometimes also petards [like large firecrackers or bangers].

But petards have been banned since 2008, because they are dangerous for people and animals.

Their bang is unpleasant for many, and that’s why schools and towns have been flooded with posters calling on us not to throw petards during the holidays.

You must have noticed them too.

Five years ago, at TAM-TAM [a company that makes posters for billboards], they decided to use posters on city billboards to highlight the fact that all these bangs are unnecessary.

»There are two puppies in the office, and most of the staff have pets, so we could easily identify with this topic. It’s unpleasant for us, let alone animals, who hear much better than we do. The use of petards also interferes with the lifecycle of wildlife. Moreover, the petards themselves affect our health and pollute the environment. We want the holidays to be even better for us and our pets,« the group said.

This year, their posters were drawn by four illustrators working in the medium of comic strips: Zoran Smiljanić, Uroš Horvat, Nina Tome and ten-year-old Ana Štular.

They responded to the invitation [to create the posters] because petards also get on their nerves. »I do not tolerate such explosions anymore, but I draw them as much as I can,« explained Uroš Horvat.

»I hope this comic works like a button, which will mute the festive bangs. Because firecrackers are bad for one’s nerves, and this action is even more important for dogs. This is not even talking about parrots, cats and of course babies. I really noticed the petards when my son, Gašper, was in diapers. His first December was a nightmare of bangs and screaming. Therefore: Petards? No thanks.«


Points to consider

  1. Why are dogs disturbed by petards?
  2. Are you disturbed, too?
  3. Why?


English translation courtesy of JL Flanner, Total Slovenia News, an English language website with news from and about Slovenia.



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