March For Our Lives. Credit: March For Our Lives/Facebook
March For Our Lives. Credit: March For Our Lives/Facebook

Young Americans at the March for Our Lives

At school, you usually learn mathematics and Slovene. Sometimes, however, you have a special day when teachers show you how to deal with a fire or earthquake.

Children in the United States also have such exercises. But American children do not just learn what to do if there is a fire or earthquake. They also learn how to behave when a shooting occurs at school.

In Slovenia we are know that firearms can cause immense suffering. Anyone who wants to buy one needs a number of certificates and documents.

It’s different in the US. There is an inalienable right to possess firearms in the Constitution. This means that their most important laws give everyone the right to buy, possess and use such weapons.

But firearms are dangerous. At one high school in Florida, a former pupil fired at schoolmates and teachers on Valentine’s Day. Thirty-two people were injured, and 17 died.

This shooting in Florida was not an isolated event. Only this year, there have been 32 such incidents in the US, with 59 people dead.

Young Americans say they have had enough. They do not want to live in fear anymore, so they are demanding that the law will change to limit the purchase and use of firearms.

Last Saturday they went to the capital, Washington DC, where they gathered at the biggest protest ever. It was called March for Our Lives. Almost a million people listened to many speakers, including young people from Florida, where the latest shooting took place.

Rallies were also held in other US cities and elsewhere in the world.

The protesters said that they will continue until more is done to prevent mass shootings in schools.

»This is just the beginning,« they wrote on Twitter.

Points to Consider

  1. How do you solve problems if someone makes you mad?
  2. Who would need guns in your opinion?
  3. How would you feel in a state where everyone could carry guns?


*The original version of the article in Slovene was published on March 26.

English translation courtesy of JL Flanner, Total Slovenia News, an English language website with news from and about Slovenia.


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