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You know what you eat?

Do you like deliciously fragrant croissants or pastry pockets?

Do you prefer marmalade or chocolate?

Do you know how they make them? Well, that answer is probably a bit more complicated!

But it’s maybe not so important to know how they are prepared. It’s more important to know whether they are prepared from healthy ingredients.

From now on, this will a bit more the case. In general, they will not be allowed to contain trans fatty acids.

Those are harmful to health, so they have been banned. Only 2 grams of trans fatty acids can be added to every 100 grams of fat after the new rules.

If inspectors find that someone sells croissants and other products that have more of these acids, they will be penalized.

Large traders and manufacturers say they are ready for the new rules.

Trans fatty acids mainly harm the heart and veins.

The most famous food containing these is margarine. Although it can be made in such a way that it contain less of these harmful acids, not all manufacturers of sweet treats use such margarines.

Experts therefore advise us to pay particular attention to foods, such as biscuits or croissants, which are made in large quantities or which are industrially made.

Prepoved transmaščb. Vir: Veš, kaj ješ
Credit: Do you know what you eat?

Since there are other harmful substances in foods, an app has been recently introduced in Slovenia that monitors ingredients in foods.

It’s called Do you know what you eat?You can install it on a phone and easily find out how many harmful ingredients a food has.

If the red light turns on, it’s better to avoid it. If it’s yellow, thius tells you to be cautious; do not overdo it. And if it turns green, the food is good for you.

Points to Consider

  1. Why are trans acids harmful?
  2. Do you know any other harmful ingredients?
  3. Where can we find trans acids?


The original version of this article was published on April 3rd.

English translation courtesy of JL FlannerTotal Slovenia News, an English language website with news from and about Slovenia.


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