March 8 and Women. Credit: Pexels
March 8 and Women. Credit: Pexels

Ties for Women

Today we celebrate the Women’s Day.* The day is not intended only for giving bouquets, but it is a holiday calling for the economic, political and social equality of the sexes.

Men and women are naturally not the same. But our differences should not mean that one of the sexes is worth more or less than the other.

When fighting for equality, we want women to receive the same pay as men for equal work in order to have the same job opportunities, the same amount of leisure time work, and the same chance of success in society.

Clara Zetkin thought like this more than a hundred years ago, and she also proposed a day dedicated to all women.

Equality between men and women is still not fully achieved. Although more women have a higher education than men, but on average receive lower wages for their work. Women also do more household chores and spend more time caring for children.

Metka Tratnik is from Velenje. She believes that women should do exactly the same tasks as the men in their lives. All the jobs at home are shared equally with her partner. Both her sons know how to wash the dishes, and the older one is already doing the ironing.

She used to sell men’s ties for a while, but did not think it was best thing for her to do. At the same time, she noticed that women often do not know how to dress for work, to be both elegant and feminine. She thus thought she would create ties for women. [See more here]

Metka Tratnik also knows that men and women are different. She thinks women are more precise, but this does not mean that it is better if they do all the work instead of men.

It is best for them to work together and be honored. For every human being is unique, both male and female.


Point to Consider

  1. What are the differences between men and women?
  2. Why do they happen?
  3. Can a woman be succesfull professionally if she has a big family?


*The original version of the article in Slovene was published on March 8, international day of woman’s rights.

English translation courtesy of JL Flanner, Total Slovenia News, an English language website with news from and about Slovenia.


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