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They are still looking for a solution for TikTok in America

The deadline to change ownership of the popular TikTok app has expired.*

The Chinese company ByteDance, which created it, is looking for solutions to avoid a ban on its use in the United States.

For now, it appears that Microsoft will not buy the American part of the company, as was initially said. Instead, a new independent global company is to be set up in California.

The White House in Washington, where US President Donald Trump lives and works, discussed in the afternoon whether the Chinese could retain a majority stake in the new company. The minority owner would be the American company Oracle. It would also take over the management of the data and thus ensure its security.

According to initial reports, it is not yet known whether Trump agrees with this proposal.

President Trump announced in August that he would ban TikTok as early as September 20 if the Chinese did not sell the app to Americans.

He is convinced that China has access to data on American citizens through the application.

The Chinese company has always claimed that it does not misuse the data.

TikTok is very popular, especially among children and teenagers. It is estimated to have been downloaded by more than a billion users worldwide.

Update 1

According to President Trump, Oracle is close to reaching an agreement. This must then be confirmed by the relevant US officials.

Update 2

According to Reuters, there is a possibility that President Trump will block U.S. downloads of TikTok, WeChat on Sunday, September 20th.

Points to Consider

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*The original version of this article was published on September 16th.

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