Bad weather requires good rubber boots. Credit: Pixabay
Bad weather requires good rubber boots. Credit: Pixabay

The weather will only calm down on sunday

Should we be afraid of the weather? Pfft, what else? If the sun shines, we protect ourselves with the cream. If rain falls, we use an umbrella, even though we are not made of sugar!

But unfortunately, the weather is not just sun and rain. Sometimes these are extreme phenomena that make people feel helpless.

That’s how it was all this week. At the end of the week, we could still enjoy the winter idyll, and then a strong wind started blowing in the middle of the night. It overturned the bins and billboards, ripped through the trees, tore electric poles and uncovered roofs. Many people were in scared.

And because the wind also took some roofs from schools, in some places the students did not have classes.

The strong wind brought us air from over the Atlantic. It became warmer and began raining. The people whose roofer were blown away thus risked getting wet. The rain causes the rivers to overflow their banks, and some homes were flooded.

Some places were cut off from the world due to landslides caused by the rain. Many have lost electricity. In Črna na Koroškem a school and gym were flooded. In Prevalje, a man fell into a fast-flowing river and died.

The President and the Prime Minister visited Koroška (Slovenian Carinthia) to see the situation. Both thanked the volunteers who helped those affected.

Meteorologists predict more rainfall today. And because there will be more rain tomorrow morning, many are afraid of more floods. On Sunday, however, we can relax: the next week will be clear and cold.



An extreme condition is the one which is very unusual and strong.

Atlantic is the ocean between America and Europe.

Meteorologist a scientist who does weather reasarch.


Points to consider

  1. What kind of extreme weather do you know?
  2. How do you protect yourself from floods?
  3. Is extreme weather related to pollution?


English translation courtesy of JL Flanner, Total Slovenia News, an English language website with news from and about Slovenia.


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