Football world championship. Credit: Pixabay
Football world championship. Credit: Pixabay

The French are world champions

Last month, the eyes of the world’s public were turned to Russia.

The football World Cup is considered one of the biggest sports events in the world.

The competition was followed by many fans. A lot were cheering on the stadiums, and more watched the matches on television.

Most of the attention was drawn to the highest-ranked matches. On Saturday, the teams from England and Belgium played for third place. The bronze medal was won by the Belgians.

The final match for the first place was played by the teams from France and Croatia.

The stadium in Russia, which accommodates 80,000 people, was packed full. There were also many crowded streets in Croatia and France. The fans of both teams hoped to win.

The French were the ones who celebrated. They beat Croatia 4 : 2.

Before the match, the French were the favorites, as the Croats had never beaten them. In addition, whle they were in the finals of the World Cup for the third time, their opponents were in it for the first.

But the game was tense. And it should be noted that the Croats let in two goals due to some unlucky circumstances.

The French thus became football world champions for the second time. The first time they got the title was 20 years ago, in 1998.

In addition to the trophy, the price included 32 million euros.

The Croatian captain, Luka Modrić, was chosen as the best player of this year’s World Cup, with regard to the goalkeepers the best was the Belgian Thibaut Courtois, while the best young player was the Frenchman Kylian Mbappé.


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The original version of this article was published on July 9th.

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