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Scouts will also help on Solidarity Day

Floods devastated a large part of Slovenia.

They destroyed homes, bridges, and roads. Many areas are still cut off from civilization.

Reconstruction is starting, which will be long and difficult. Those affected will need help from far and wide.

The government has, therefore, decided that Monday, August 14th, will be a day of solidarity and work-free day.

In addition to the weekend, Tuesday, August 15th is the Feast of the Assumption of Mary and also a public holiday. Therefore, Slovenes will be able to devote as many as 4 days to the reconstruction of Slovenia.

Poplave 2023 application. Photo: website poplave2023.urszr.si/STA
Application for floods. Photo: website poplave2023.urszr.si/STA

The Poplave 2023 (Floods 2023) app already went live on Monday. Here anyone who wants to offer help can register.

More than 20,000 people have already offered to help, and the number is still growing.

From the very beginning of the floods, scouts have been helping to the best of their ability, which was also confirmed by Miriam Karin Mekina, head of the Ljubljana scouts group, Roda dobre volje (Rod of Good Will).

We campers were active from the very beginning of the storms, mostly helping to set up emergency accommodation.

Miriam Karin Mekina

Between August 11th and 15th, the Scout Association of Slovenia will organize a coordinated work effort to help eliminate the consequences of the floods in the region of Koroška (Carinthia).

Anyone who wants to participate can register in a special application.

The scouts are urging children and youth who want to participate – do so in their own local community as soon as possible.

Volunteers should be prepared and be sure to protect themselves, as well as comply in accordance with the instructions of the local civil defense headquarters.

The following is recommended for everyone who will be heading out into the field during the upcoming extended weekend:

  • suitable work clothes and gloves
  • stronger gaiters (tall rubber boots) or boots
  • work equipment
  • first aid
  • your own snack

We wish everyone who will show solidarity and offer help this coming weekend, as well as everyone who will receive it, the best of luck. And stay safe!

Points to Consider

  1. Does your family need help?
  2. Would you like to join the scouts?
  3. Where can you find out who needs help?


The original version of this article was published on August 9th.

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