Smeškoti. Vir: Pixabay
Smeškoti. Vir: Pixabay

School for happiness

I don’t want to go to school! I don’t like school!

How many times have you said these words?

Probably a lot. And then your parents probably advised you to go to school. That life is not just a game. And it’s smart to do what we need first and then have fun.

Parents are right. And their job is to tell you all this. And it’s quite true that we cannot be constantly happy. It would not be right if everybody around us would always try to be happy. Because if they were, who would bother to work hard?

We are the happiest if we are able to look forward to even small things. For if we are always grasping at big things which we consider important, such as becoming famous singers or actors, YouTubers or bloggers, we can be miserable the whole time.

Happiness is living in a country where children live the best. Only children in Norway live this well.

We can only know good fortune if we have also been unhappy.

The [people] most known for their happiness are the Danes. »Scandinavians appreciate the small things in life, as in hygge, because they have already taken care of the big and important things,« says Meik Wiking, director of the Institute for Happiness.

But those children who say that school is no fun are right. Your words have already been heard in some places.

Willy Hellpach School in Heidelberg, Germany, was the first school in the country to introduce classes on happiness. The principal was bothered that the students felts good on holiday and at home, but bad at the dentist and school.

Ten years later such classes are now in many other schools.


Points to Consider

  1. What is happiness to you?
  2. Why do we need to be unhappy to appreciate happiness?
  3. Would you like to have such classes in your school?


English translation courtesy of JL Flanner, Total Slovenia News, an English language website with news from and about Slovenia.


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