Tretje mesto je osvojila slovenska ekipa: Domen Prevc, Robert Kranjec, Peter Prevc in Anze Semenic. Foto: Anže Malovrh/STA
Tretje mesto je osvojila slovenska ekipa: Domen Prevc, Robert Kranjec, Peter Prevc in Anze Semenic. Foto: Anže Malovrh/STA

On Sunday, jumpers will fly again in Planica

Children know well what Planica is: ice cream with a taste of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

But Planica is also a valley between the mountains of the Julian Alps. Even those for whom geography is not particularly close to their hearts know it well. In this valley there is a ski jump on which the best jumpers in the world have jumped since 1934.

Joso Gorec got the idea to make something special in Planica. He wanted the biggest ski jump in the world in this valley. Stanko Bloudek asked for the plan, and he designed the jump that still stands there today.

Initially jumpers reached distances of about 80 or 90 meters. In 1936, for the first time in history, one flew over 100 meters. Since then, both competitors and spectators have always wanted further jumps.

The Gorišek brothers therefore designed a plan for a new and bigger jump. It was built right beside the first one, and later made even bigger.

On this a person flew 200 meters for the first time. The current record is 239 meters.

The organizers had a huge amount of work to do in recent weeks. This was because a lot of snow had fallen this year, which had to be removed. Three hundred people helped to do this.

Tickets have been sold in 31 countries, mostly in Poland.

In that country people are looking forward to the success of Kamil Stoch this year. He is leading overall in the World Cup, that is why in Planica, where the finals take place, he will get the Big Crystal Globe.

In the coming days many visitors will come to Planica, and they want to see more beautiful and longer jumps this year.

Today Slovene team won the bronze medal in the team competition.* But it is not over yet: tomorrow visitors will have another chance to marvel at the jumpers during the individual matches.



The qualifications results determine who will compete in the individual matches.


Point to Consider

  1. Why is the competition in Planica called a celebration of everything Slovene?
  2. Can you name any ski jumpers?
  3. How long will be the jumps in the future?


*The original version of the article in Slovene was published on March 22 when the finals in Planica started.

English translation courtesy of JL Flanner, Total Slovenia News, an English language website with news from and about Slovenia.


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