EU copyright directive. Credit: Nick Youngson/Alpha Stock Images
Credit: Nick Youngson/Alpha Stock Images

Memes and gifs remain available to everyone

MEPs again decided on a very important document.

Some people eagerly expected it, while others thought that the virtual world would make him different than it was before.

Large tech companies, such as Google and Facebook, opposed the directive. On their side were also all those who are convinced that due to the directive they will no longer be able to access the information in the same way as so far.

Most musicians, actors, writers and journalists could hardly wait for it.

Technology companies that offer songs or videos on web platforms, such as YouTube, will have to pay their creators compensation for their use.

Until now, they did not do this, although due to these content they advertise ads earn a lot of money.

On the other hand, many musicians or writers barely live from their work.

Technological companies were also supported by many individuals who feared that they will no longer be able to create memes or gifs.

Those people were afraid that the they will violate copyright of the authors, for example photographers, and that they will be penalized.

For this reason, MEPs have explicitly stated that copyright works can continue to be used for citations or for the creation of memes.

So, you can continue to post your videos on YouTube, you can send your gifs without worry and you can laugh at the new meme.

The Directive should be transposed by the EU Member States into its legislation, and therefore it will not enter into force for at least three years.


The original version of this article was published on March 27th.

English translation courtesy of JL FlannerTotal Slovenia News, an English language website with news from and about Slovenia.


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