Osnovno pravilo mednarodnega humanitarnega prava je zaščita civilistov. To so tisti, ki ne nosijo vojaške uniforme. Izrael in Palestina. Vir: Adobe Stock
Osnovno pravilo mednarodnega humanitarnega prava je zaščita civilistov. To so tisti, ki ne nosijo vojaške uniforme. Vir: Adobe Stock

Loud calls for a ceasefire after a month of war

We have been following the tragic events between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas for exactly one month.

The war has killed 10,000 people on the Palestinian side and 1,400 on the Israeli side. Many have lost their homes.

The Israelis have violated international law and have used white phosphorus to bombard Gaza and Lebanon.

All continue to commit serious violations of humanitarian law.

Amnesty International

More and more countries are getting involved in the dispute.

Among them are Syria and Lebanon – home to the terrorist organization, Hezbollah. Supporting Hamas they fired rockets at Israel. Iran is against the war expanding.

In a resolution the United Nations called for a ceasefire and aid to the Palestinians.

Slovenia supported the resolution. 14 countries did not because it lacked the condemnation of Hamas and the demand for the return of the hostages.

UNICEF ​​warns that since the beginning of the war, 400 children have been killed or wounded each day.

The children have experienced too much misery. Their killing and captivity must be put to an end. We call on everyone to cease fire.


Many are sending them aid, including the EU.

Israeli rockets often hit hospitals.

The rockets are directed towards tunnels where terrorists are said to be, despite being under hospitals. That is why there are too many victims.

Israel’s collective punishment of the population of Gaza is a war crime and must stop immediately.

Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Such war crimes have been condemned by neighboring Egypt and Jordan.

Many around the world express solidarity with the Palestinians through protests.

Some attack Jews, bring down their monuments, and destroy their homes.

This also happened during World War II.

Israel is the land of the Jews. They took refuge in it after World War II precisely because of the violence they experienced around the world at that time.

Today, some are convinced that the Israelis are now carrying out the same violence against the Palestinians.


White phosphorus causes severe burns.

Points to Consider

  1. Why is the first casualty of every war the truth?
  2. Must rules and laws still be followed during a war?
  3. How can peace be kept?

For parents and teachers

How to talk about war? (in Slovenian)


The original version of this article was published on 7th November.

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Svetina is an English translator, EFL educator, and graphic designer. She is an American who has lived in Slovenia since 2008. She loves hiking and traveling with her family.

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