Polarni medved v vodi. Foto: Mirage3/Dreamstime.com
Polarni medved v vodi. Foto: Mirage3/Dreamstime.com

How would beautiful me, the polar bears, and all the people in the world fare?

I don’t have any valid reason for deciding to participate in the competition.

When my teacher presented different types of competitions to my class, this one caught my eye. Its message and purpose convinced me to participate. I knew I had nothing to lose if I just tried.

At first I couldn’t decide if I should submit a literary piece, take on the role of a photographer and submit a photo, or simply draw something.

In the end I decided to write my view down on a piece of paper. 

Such cooperation is a new experience for me; it’s something I’m proud of and something I’ll be able to tell my kids about.

And in a few years, when the situation will improve, I will be able to say, “I, too, helped make our world the way it should be again.” 

Such competitions are important mainly because they are close to younger people, who will have to create a beautiful world to live in.

The competions are also important because they motivate us youth even more to do something for our planet.

But if we can win the competition – win a prize, we are even more motivated to work and thus expand our thinking. I myself would never have been so aware of what was happening if I had not participated in this competition.

Through such a competition, youth can show their view of what is happening and our thoughts about it – because we see the world differently than adults.

And I’m pretty sure we’d rather read texts written by another teenager than a highly educated adult on such a topic.

I created my work’s message while writing because as soon as I started writing, I just kept going and going – getting ideas on the fly and just writing them down on paper. I finally condensed everything into a text that has a head and a tail.

Polar bear on the ice.  Photo: Jan Martin Will/Dreamstime.com
Polar bear on the ice. Photo: Jan Martin Will/Dreamstime.com

Me, water

Who am I? I am water. Loud or calm, sweet or salty, all this is me, the water.
High in the mountains, under the most beautiful gray-white rock, I look at the world. Hello Pisces, you really shine. Hail the flowers that grow there in nature. Hail the sun breaking through the clouds. There are people swimming on the side. I look at them and notice that someone has something in their hand. What is this miracle? Our biggest enemy is this, Mother Nature trusts me. We call it plastic. I wonder what could be so wrong with it and learn that it takes over 1000 years to decompose. I hoped that the man would put it in the bin, but, alas, what I feared the most happened. He threw it right there, on the river bank. Why, I wonder, but I don't have an answer to that. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people like this. Too many. One and another and two and another 8 billion people live in the world. It won't go on like this.
I forget about it and look forward. I see a tall, dark concrete wonder with smoke coming out of it. What is that smoke, I wonder. I don't think it's a good thing. I hear a bear roar. I turn to the other side and see a white polar bear that will soon no longer have its ice sheet under its feet. I connect these two things. I find that there are not so few tall dark concrete wonders called chimneys, and that this smoke is causing warming, which means that the ground is melting under the polar bear's feet. And he's probably not the only one. Where will he live now? He will probably die.
Suddenly something pinches me. I'm falling. I'm rampaging through the city destroying everything in front of me. All of a sudden there's too much of me here. On the other hand, I evaporate painfully quickly and I'm missed. How come? Why am I changing so much? I, the water, the source of life, am now destroying life. Why is this? Is man to blame for this, too? What a pity.
Now that I know that a man is behind everything that is happening to me, I realize that a man could also fix all of this. I'm thinking ahead. Maybe with my beauty I can inspire one, two, maybe even three and eventually all of them. All eight billion people. I would like to inspire them to make a difference. Each for himself and all together. That way we could have a nice time – I, polar bears, and of course all the people in this world.

Alin Kokol, 8. b, Osnovna šola Destrnik

(8th grade, Destrnik Primary School)


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The original version of this article was published on 23rd February.


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