Taščica je redna obiskovalka krmilnic. Foto: Vanesa Bezlaj
Taščica je redna obiskovalka krmilnic. Foto: Vanesa Bezlaj

How to properly feed birds in winter?

In winter, you can help the birds by offering them suitable food, and then observe and get to know them closely.

How do you do that so you don’t hurt them?

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Due to the small amount of food in the wild, you can start feeding birds that stay with us in winter in late autumn, and preferably when the snow falls.

We can pour a mixture of sunflower and hemp seeds and millet into a bird feeder.

Titmouses also love to enjoy sebaceous cakes.

Močvirska sinica ob lojni pogači. Foto: Vanesa Bezlaj
Titmouse next to a sebaceous cake. Photo: Vanesa Bezlaj

Some species of birds prefer apples and raisins.

But to attract the great woodpecker, we can put out nuts and peanuts.

Birds are never fed leftover human food, as it is too salty and fatty.

Finches and sparrows most often feed on the ground.

We can set their food right there, but it’s good to protect it from rain and snow.

This can be done by placing a smaller roof over the feeding area.

Domači vrabci se hranijo na tleh. Foto: Vanesa Bezlaj
Domestic sparrows feed on the ground. Photo: Vanesa Bezlaj

The bird feeder can hang on a wire. We just have to make sure it is firmly attached.

It is best to hang it on a tree or place it near a bush.

In this way, birds can gradually approach it, while at the same time having a safe shelter from predators such as cats.

Velika sinica. Foto: Vanesa Bezlaj
Great titmouse. Photo: Vanesa Bezlaj

Many birds gather on feeding grounds, so various diseases are transmitted there, including bird flu.

Several swans in the vicinity of Slovenska Bistrica once became infected with this. Till last week day, special protective measures remained in place there.

It is very important to clean the bird feeder thoroughly every day. We must remove all food debris and excrement with protective gloves.

We always make sure that the birds have enough fresh food available.

Points To Consider

  1. Where is a bird feeder near you?
  2. Do you know any migratory birds?
  3. What is your favorite bird?


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