Dunking Devils nad paro. Vir: Dunking Devils
Dunking Devils nad paro. Vir: Dunking Devils

How the Dunking Devils jumped a locomotive and entered history

Did you know that a man can jump a train? No? We didn’t either, until we saw how the boys from the acrobatic group Dunking Devils managed to do this.

You know them, don’t you? They are those guys who are known for using acrobatics to put balls in baskets.

Now they have become famous outside the borders of Slovenia.

In the last few weeks, they have recorded a 10-part online series promoting Facebook’s platform Facebook Watch. In cooperation with Filip & Blaž from the F & B Acrobatics Group, they were invited [to join the project] by Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

Filip in Blaž. Vir: Dunking Devils
Filip and Blaž. Credit: Dunking Devils

Facebook Watch wants to compete with online video providers such as Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime.

In order to provide users with interesting content from the start, the producers of National Geographic magazine and the actors Bill Murray, Jessica Alba, Elizabeth Olsen and Orlando Bloom have all been invited to participate, along with the Slovenian acrobats.

Dunking Devils. Vir: Dunking Devils
Dunking Devils. Credit: Dunking Devils

The Fly Guys online series was filmed in ten locations by the Dunking Devils over two and a half months.

Nine episodes were shot in Slovenia: in Koper, Ljubljana, Lake Bloke, Verd quarry, Snežnik Castle, Velika Planina and the Museum of Slovenian Railways.

During the shooting a number of breakthroughs were achieved: they were shooting on a train, jumping on a freight train, and finally jumping over the museum train!

Facebook Watch is currently only available in the US. You can see the fourth episode on the Facebook page of the Dunking Devils.

Dunking Devils skačejo čez lokomotivo. Vir: Dunking Devils
Credit: Dunking Devils



To promote means to present with a special event, in this case with a special series.

Platform in this case means a space to perform.

Konkurirati pomeni prizadevati si, da je z večjo kvaliteto blaga ali nižjo ceno izdelkov, z boljšimi storitvami kdo boljši od drugih.


Points to Consider

  1. What does it mean if Facebook invites you to do something?
  2. What was your biggest success until know?
  3. How much effort did you put in it?


English translation courtesy of JL Flanner, Total Slovenia News, an English language website with news from and about Slovenia.


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