Prvi del filma si je ogledalo skoraj 300.000 gledalcev. Vir: Felina films
Prvi del filma si je ogledalo skoraj 300.000 gledalcev. Vir: Felina films

Gaia’s World 2: What online dangers are waiting for Gaia this time?

Do you remember little Gaia, the heroine of the film, »Gaia’s World«?

Well, Gaia has now grown up a bit, changed a bit, but she still can’t escape problems.

This time someone hacks into her profile on a social network, and she moves from the capital city to the seaside.

»Gaia’s World 2« premiered last week.

How does this one differ from the first movie?

Uma s Taro Milharčič, ki je Gajo odigrala v prvem delu. Foto: Mare Vavpotič
Uma with Tara Milharčič, who played Gaja in the first part. Photo: Mare Vavpotič

The first hit cinemas in 2018. Some time has passed, so the creators had to replace the main actors who are now adults.

Now in the film, 16-year-old Uma Štader plays Gaia, and her friend, Matic, is played by 15-year-old Enej Černe Berčič.

In the new film some things are repeated – for example, the funny wake-up call at the Ravnikar family’s house when Gaia’s father, Peter (played by Sebastian Cavazza), always gets up too late in the morning. Otherwise, the plot of the sequel is completely different and would be understood even by those who have not seen the first movie, says Tina Deu.

The film also opens up more serious topics in an entertaining way, such as the dangers of the Internet, peer violence, and parental separation – all while highlighting what really counts in life: friendship, solidarity, and empathy. Children enjoy watching – crossing their fingers for Gaja and rooting for her to solve all the problems. After the movie, there are still many topics that can be discussed at home or at school.

Tina Deu, Felina films

The film is not only for you – the children, but for the whole family. Younger children, their older siblings, parents, and even grandparents will enjoy it. Its producers are sure.

Gajin svet 2. Vir: Mediaspeed
Source: Mediaspeed

It has already been viewed by many teachers, and the themes were deemed appropriate for children and teens. 

Therefore, the creators have organized a screening of the film for schools followed by workshops concerning online safety.

Points to Consider

  1. What happens at the beginning of the film?
  2. Who can you contact if someone hacks your profile on social networks?
  3. Which Slovenian youth actors do you know?


The original version of this article was published on September 7th.

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