Plastic waste. Credit: Pixabay
Plastic waste. Credit: Pixabay

Europe wants less plastic waste

Plastic waste accumulates everywhere: at dumps, in cities, in the mountains, in the sea.

There’s so much plastic waste in the world that it could cover Slovenia, and the pile of trash would be 14 meters high.

It’s no wonder that 87 percent of Europeans are worried.

Some of us are sufficiently aware of the problem that we are trying to live without unnecessary plastic products. Among these are straws, bags, cutlery and disposable coffee pods.

But despite the efforts of individuals, these products have not disappeared from supermarket shelves.

A Greenpeace report shows that many companies use more and more disposable plastics.

If this is going to stop, it will need work from politicians.

MEPs today adopted a directive to reduce the environmental impact of certain disposable plastic products.

It is not quite clear which plastic products should be restricted or banned by the directive.

Those who are not happy with the current proposal may not vote for it, even if they think that we must do something.

The Slovenian Government has adopted the directive, saying that it supports it in principle.

On the Croatian island of Zlarin, the locals themselves decided not to use plastics again. They say they can do this. Customers will have to pay a deposit for each plastic pot, that is, a few kuna that will get them back when the pot is returned.

Everything will depend on people, say the initiators of the idea of ​​Zlarin – an island without plastic.

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MEPs backed the ban on disposable plastic products.


Points to Consider

  1. How can politicians additionally help reduce waste?
  2. Which plastic products should be forbidden?
  3. Do you know that you can use paper straws instead of plastic ones?


The original version of this article was published on October 24th.

English translation courtesy of JL Flanner, Total Slovenia News, an English language website with news from and about Slovenia.


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