Čisti vodi lahko stopite v bran s podpisom akciji Vode ne damo. Vir: Freepik
Čisti vodi lahko stopite v bran s podpisom akciji Vode ne damo. Vir: Freepik

Clean water is our right

Dear adults!

You have an extremely important task ahead of you: you have to protect WATER so that for years and decades to come we can run it out of the tap.

Water is not owned by anyone and is owned by everyone at the same time. Therefore, no one should take the right and give up caring for it, or even help those who only care about money and to pollute it. You must not allow this, dear adults. It is up to you to DEFINITELY ACT IN DEFENSE OF THE WATER, otherwise young people will have to suffer because of your wrong decisions.

And you who voted for a law that threatens our waters need to know something: YOU ARE OLD ENOUGH to be able to make smarter decisions. Is it worth depriving entire generations of such a basic commodity as water? Will you be able to look yourselves in the mirror?

I would be – and I am still a child – VERY ASHAMED if I intentionally and knowingly harmed someone. If I know correctly, you were not elected to harm Slovenes, but just the opposite: to do good for everyone, not just for yourself.

Think of your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren … Do you really want them to think of you as someone who helped pollute the water in Slovenia?

You realize that we are a rare country that can boast such clean water? That’s why WE HAVE TO ACT IN HER DEFENSE! And that is why I am asking you, dear adults, to join the WE WON’T GIVE WATER campaign with your signature.

As time is short and the country is closed, the signatures were due to Saturday, April 3, 2021.

Thank you for proving THAT YOU CARE.

Thank you for realizing that your generation is not the only one in the world – which some unfortunately do not.

Thank you for providing us with a sufficient number of signatures so that we can initiate the procedure for calling a referendum.

Thank you on my behalf and on behalf of many future generations.

Ul Zorc-Rupnik, 9th grade, OŠ Brezovica pri Ljubljani


The original version of this article was published on April 2nd.

English translation courtesy of JL FlannerTotal Slovenia News, an English language website with news from and about Slovenia.


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