Otroci v šoli dobijo prve prijatelje. Vir: Pixabay
Otroci v šoli dobijo prve prijatelje. Vir: Pixabay

Children are also safe, warm, not hungry and thirsty at school

It is now more clear than ever that school plays a very important role in children’s lives.

Mateja Hudoklin. Vir: Osebni arhiv
Mateja Hudoklin

Besides the basic role, education, there are many others, says clinical psychologist Dr. Mateja Hudoklin from the Counselling Center for Children, Adolescents and Parents.

At school, children socialise, interact with peers and adults, learn social skills, learn to regulate their behavioural and emotional responses.

Is this equally important for all children?

Many times it also meets the needs that should be satisfied by the child’s environment.

Kids are safe, warm, not hungry or thirsty at school. School life offers a structure, with all the rules and attitudes, and it gives children a sense of security. Most children find friends, warmth, even adult role models at school.

Many children do not get all this in a family setting.

How does being out of school affect children?

For the first few weeks, staying home was probably enjoyable for most children, many experiencing it as a small vacation.

Over time, these feelings change. They are increasingly missing peer contacts, activities.

Many children find it difficult to work independently for school and need the help of their parents. This can be a source of additional tension at home. Many also worry about how the grades will be.

Uncertainty increases fear and anxiety. Now the family and environment a child lives in come to the fore.

Points to Consider

  1. Why is school a safe place for some children? 
  2. Can all parents help their children with their studies? 
  3. Who can help you?


The original version of this article was published on April 20th.

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