CaCamila Cabello. Foto: Condé Nast (VogueTaiwan)/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0mila Cabello. Foto: Condé Nast (VogueTaiwan)/Wikimedia Commons
Camila Cabello. Foto: Condé Nast (VogueTaiwan)/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0

Camila Cabello does not want to be ashamed of her body

»I squeezed my stomach so hard that my muscles ached. I wasn’t breathing and I could barely smile. I was so aware of where the paparazzi were that I couldn’t relax and do what we were supposed to do when we went out into nature.«

With these words, the singer Camila Cabello described her day at the beach in Miami.

She added that she had never felt so bad on the beach before. But then she was affected by photos that were published and the comments beneath them.

She wishes she could feel like she did at the age of seven on the beach again: »When I was happy, silly, when I was breathing, when I pretended to be a mermaid, FREE.«

The 25-year-old American singer is a celebrity and therefore constantly in the public eye.

Still, she refuses to accept that she should be ashamed of her body.

Photoshop, slimming diets, excessive exercise and choosing certain angles for photography allow our bodies to look different than they really are and in their natural form.

Camila Cabello

This was not the first time she has warned that girls and women should not have unrealistic expectations about their appearance.

In summer, she shared a video on TikTok entitled I Love My Body.

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In it, she told fans that she accepts her curves, even though she receives unpleasant remarks that she is not slim enough.

Not only girls, but also boys are badly affected by media images of ideal poses. In fact, it is very important for everyone to have a good opinion of themselves and to be accepted exactly as they are.


Paparazzo is a photographer who stalks famous people to take photos of their private lives.

Points To Consider

  1. Do the demands of an ideal body affect you as well?
  2. Have you ever been affected by comments about your appearance?
  3. Which trait do you value most in your friend?


The original version of this article was published on April 11th.

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