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Brexit postponed again

You remember Brexit?

This is the referendum in which voters in the UK decided that they did not want to be part of the European Union anymore.

Then it was said that the UK would leave the European Union on March 29 this year. But the closer it came to this date, the more it seemed that there would be »no bread from this flour«.

Nobody knows what will happen in the coming days with Britain’s exit from the European Union. [British] MPs have so far rejected all proposals by the British government.

Brexit is due to happen on April 12th instead of March 29th.

However, Prime Minister Theresa May again asked for an extension of the exit date.

If the British do not want to participate in the European elections of May 23-26, MPs will have to confirm the agreement on the separation of Great Britain and the European Union before May 22.

In the past month, six million Britons signed a petition calling for Brexit to be cancelled.


That »no bread from this flour« is an idiom meaning: nothing would come from this.

Points to Consider

  1. Why do you think it is all so complicated with Brexit?
  2. Do you think the calls for new referendum should be listened to?
  3. Can people change their minds about such decision?


The original version of this article was published on April 3rd.

English translation courtesy of JL FlannerTotal Slovenia News, an English language website with news from and about Slovenia.


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