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Are smartphones better than dumb-phones?

People always want something new, so we develop new ideas and new items.

We’ve been using more and more smart devices in recent years. Now televisions are already smart, as well as cars and even vacuum cleaners …

We like smartphones the most, however.

If you selected one hundred people in Slovenia and asked how many used a smartphone, you’d find 73 did.

Smartphones are popular because we can do many things with them. We can play games, use various applications, surf the web or social networks, take pictures, and much more.

There are also very different phones. We call them dumb phones. And although they are stupid, they are useful because they can make phone calls or send messages, and they can also be very attractive.

One beautiful dumb phone was created by designers Joe Hollier and Kai Tang, because it seemed to them that the world was too full of technology and that many people had already become dependent on it.

If we spend all day with our phones, then we will probably spend the rest of our lives with them, the designers think. In their opinion, mobile phones should be put aside several times; in fact, we should forget about them and instead enjoy the activities that make us happy.

In order to make this easier for us, they created a phone that is very unusual for today, because, for example, it can not connect to social networks.

It was named Light because it is supposed to make it easier for us to live.

But this is still, in their words, a second phone, which should be used in moments of relaxation instead of the first one, a smart one.


Points to Consider

  1. When is the right time for a child to get her mobile phone?
  2. What do you use on your phone?
  3. Hom much time do you spend on your phone?


The original version of this article was published on April 6th.

English translation courtesy of JL Flanner, Total Slovenia News, an English language website with news from and about Slovenia.


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