Andreja Slokar med tekmo za Zlato lisico. Foto: Slavko Gruden/STA
Andreja Slokar med tekmo za Zlato lisico. Foto: Slavko Gruden/STA

Andreja Slokar, a heroine of parallel skiing

Andreja Slokar is the new Slovenian heroine on the list of winners of the Alpine Skiing World Cup.

The 24-year-old skier from Ajdovščina won the individual parallel alpine skiing competition in Lech, Austria on Saturday.

Andreja Slokar. Foto: Slavko Gruden/STA
Andreja Slokar. Photo: Slavko Gruden/STA

She was already fast in the qualifications, and the competition was no match for her – not even heavy snow stopped her.

Andreja became the eleventh Slovenian skier with at least one victory in the World Cup.

After the win, she said she had a lot of fun at this special match, which is only on the schedule once a year.

»I really enjoy parallel skiing, even though I don’t train it much. It’s fun, I like to compete when I can see the other person near me,« added the skier.

Štefan Hadalin na tekmi za 60. Pokal Vitranc. Foto: Stanko Gruden/STA
Štefan Hadalin on the 60th Vitranc Cup. Photo: Stanko Gruden/STA

On Sunday, Štefan Hadalin and Žan Kranjec also competed in a parallel race. Štefan made it to the quarterfinals, while Žan was defeated in the round before.

These were the only individual parallel matches this World Cup season.

In this trial, the competitors ski side by side on parallel and identical but shorter giant slalom tracks.

They ski on both the red and blue tracks. The winner is the skier who manages to make it to the finals and beat their opponent there as well.

Points To Consider

  1. Which Slovenian female skier achieved the most victories in the World Cup?
  2. Is winning a parallel race worth less than winning a slalom or giant slalom?
  3. What are the other disciplines of alpine skiing?


The original version of this article was published on November 15th.

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