Classroom. Credit: Pixabay
Classroom. Credit: Pixabay

A day without school

It’s not difficult to imagine a mother who has more than one child. But can you imagine that such a mother would put a cake on the table and then cut a much bigger slice for one child than the others? How would the other children feel? It’s likely that an argument would quickly break out.

Employees in the public sector feel something similar lately. These are people like, for example, doctors, nurses, teachers, police officers, firemen … Because their work is very important for everyone, they receive salaries from the state.

Last year the doctors reached an agreement for better pay. This is like seeing one child get an agreement for a bigger piece of cake. Of course, everyone else wants it now!

Nurses, police officers, teachers, educators and some others tried to negotiate with state representatives for several months to receive higher salaries. But the state said that the money needed for this is not available.

Because it does not seem fair to many that their work is not properly rewarded, especially now that times are good, public sector employees are striking this week. During the crisis, when the times were bad, these employees gave up part of their salaries.

Today teachers and other staff in education are involved [in the strike], and many kindergartens and schools are closed.* They will come to work, but they will not do their jobs. By doing so, they want to remind the state that it has to listen to them.

Some strikers will go to a protest rally. In the center of Ljubljana, and with loud cries, they will draw attention to their demands, so that the state can hear them better.

Today, it is a day without classes. It’s worth taking advantage of something beautiful!

*The original version of the article in Slovene was published on February 14, on the day of the strike.


Points to Consider

  1. How does a no school day feels like?
  2. How can parents take care of children on such a day?
  3. Do you find the job of teachers difficult?


English translation courtesy of JL Flanner, Total Slovenia News, an English language website with news from and about Slovenia.


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