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Kitajsko novo leto rdeče lanterne. Vir: Pixabay

The year of the ox came on Friday

In China, they usually use the same calendar as us, but the New Year is determined by the lunar calendar. It can be any day between January 21st and February 20th.

If this continues, polar bears will become extinct by the end of the century. Source: Pixabay

Heat record in 2020

Europe is set to become climate neutral by 2050. This means that plants, oceans and land would absorb as much carbon dioxide as humans release.

Navadni vampirski netopir (Desmodus rotundus) Vir: Wikipedia

Bats in self-isolation

Not only people, but also vampire bats self-isolate when they feel unwell. Sick bats were less likely to come into contact with others in the colony, kept more to themselves, or socialized only with other sufferers.

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