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Vir: Evropski parlament.

Choose your future

What will be the image of Europe in the future? The decision is in the hands of those who will go to the polls at the end of May.

Glavno mesto Šrilanke Kolombo. Foto: Rahman A. in Azeez A./Wikimedia

Attacks on Sri Lanka

Today is a day of mourning in Sri Lanka where many people died in terror attacks on churches and hotels on Easter Sunday.

Rogljički ne smejo več vsebovati školjivih transmaščob. Prepoved transmaščob. Vir: Adobe Stock

You know what you eat?

Do you like deliciously fragrant croissants or pastry pockets? Do you prefer marmalade or chocolate? Do you know how they make them? Well, that answer is probably a bit more complicated! But it’s maybe not so important...

Brexit znova odložen. Vir: Adobe Stock

Brexit postponed again

If the British do not want to participate in the European elections of May 23-26, MPs will have to confirm the agreement on the separation of Great Britain and the European Union before May 22.

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