Summer is one great experience

Summer can be very exciting and at the same very soothing, says Kaja Štempelj Petrovčič from OŠ Vič.

Primož Roglič is the best Slovenian in the Tour de France

Primož Roglič was the 4th cyclists to cross the finish line at the Tour de France cycling competition.

The night of the Red Moon and Red Mars

Only a few hours to go until the longest Lunar eclipse of the century. Are you ready?

The French are world champions

They beat Croatia 4 : 2.

The Ana Desetnica 2018 festival enchanted children and adults

If you missed the festival this year, no worries. Ana will come back to the city next year.

The start of the holidays is here!

What do you want to do during the holidays? First of all, do not be just digital. Listen to your parents when they say that you’ve had enough phone, computer and tablet, and go out into nature or read a book.

Primož Roglič is again the winner of the Tour of Slovenia

Top cyclists from around the world took part in the 25th Tour of Slovenia.

Why do I need a teacher if I have Google?

Technology is just a tool, says renowned British education expert Ian Gilbert. Technology will not disappear, so it’s worthwhile integrating it into school systems. But what matters is what we do with it.

Results of the 2018 Parliamentary Elections

In the coming days it will be revealed who will lead Slovenia for the next four years. President Borut Pahor will offer the mandate or opportunity to form the government to the winner of the election, Janez Janša.

GDPR for children

Do you know how much data we can connect to one person? This is not only our name, surname or EMŠO number, but also information about our latest trip to the cinema, where we marked our location on Instagram, or the number of kilometres we have cycled and recorded in a smart watch.

The first World Bee Day

The World Bee Day is aimed at raising awareness about how valuable these insects are and why we need to work hard to keep them.

Miki Muster lived his dream, he wanted you to live them too!

Miki Muster, who died aged nearly 93 years old, created many legendary characters in his cartoons, among them three animals with human qualities. Zvitorepec, Trdonja and Lakotnik are famous even today.

A walk along the wire, a memory of courage

This day is an opportunity to talk and socialise with friends, and we also look forward to the walk, because then there are no lessons. But we should have thought more about the wire that cut off Ljubljana and prevented people from living the free life that we live today, writes eight grader Kaja Trontelj from OŠ Franceta Bevka.

I, too, am a woman

Through the project, I, too, am a woman, we want to contribute to raising the awareness of children about gender stereotypes in society and to strengthen the qualifications of teachers and parents for proper treatment of such issues with children.

Children in Slovenia live well

Slovenia achieves the best results in the area of material security. This is followed by education, where our children achieve very good results. The worst results are those for a healthy lifestyle.

Skateboarding is pleasant and fun

Skateboarding is a very entertaining and relaxing sport, and can even give you a little adrenaline rush. At the same time, this is a great way of spending your leisure in the fresh air and having fun with friends.

Are smartphones better than dumb-phones?

This dump-phone is designed to be used as little as possible, and thus the designers think it can prevent us from being dependent on the use of smart devices and applications.

Young Americans at the March for Our Lives

Young Americans say they have had enough. They do not want to live in fear anymore, so they are demanding that the law will change to limit the purchase and use of firearms.

On Sunday, jumpers will fly again in Planica

On Saturday the Slovene team won the bronze medal. But it is not overy yet, on Sunday visitors will have another chance to marvel at the jumpers during the individual matches.

Students from Benedikt welcomed their peers from all over the Europe

Students from Benedikt hosted the 7th Mobility of Erasmus+ Youth to Business Enterprise Project. Žana Lavrenčič from class 8. b. reports.

Miro Cerar resigned, maybe the election will be held in May

The government will carry out its ongoing business until the elections. This means that ministers will continue to work on urgent matters, but will not make any important decisions about the future of the country.

Ties for Women

It is best for them to work together and be honored. For every human being is unique, both male and female.

Polar frost over Europe

The polar frost got its name due to a special weather phenomenon in the polar region. But it could also just get it because because of the extreme cold and wind that blows from the east, so in Slovenia it suddenly feels like we’ve found ourselves at the North Pole.

How the Dunking Devils jumped a locomotive and entered history

You know them, don’t you? They are those guys who are known for using acrobatics to put balls in baskets. Now they have created a series of stunts for Facebook and became famous outside the borders of Slovenia.

A day without school

Public sector employees are striking this week. They think that their work rewarded, especially now that times are good.

Let The Winter Olympic Games In Korea Begin

The Olympic Games are not just a competition. They are also a spectacle.

Buying likes and followers for greater popularity

Popularity on social networks does not depend on who we are and what we’re doing, but on how much money we are willing to spend on it.

Uncle Google knows a lot, but he wants even more in exchange

Those for whom Internet security and anonymity are important are thus increasingly advised to forget about such comforts and consider other options. Uncle Google is not the only one who can help us find answers.

School for happiness

Children the German city Heidelberg take classes on happiness in their school. But what is happiness?

Perfect Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has been one of the most popular singers in the world for many years. But with the song Perfect – which in Slovene this would be translated as Popolna – he succeeded, in a way that few can. He created a worldwide hit, which we will listen to for many years.

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